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Ellas comen

Ellas comen deals with the social, anthropological and physical effects of eating, as well as the daily rituals that involve eating and drinking. During our artistic residency in Teatropuerto we analyzed the gap between traditional cuisine and fast food and between the local economy and the globalized world. In addition, we researched how these factors influence us as women born in Europe in the 80s and 90s and how our identity is configured and shaped by these opposites.

Centro Cultural Santa Inés, La Serena (CH) | 03. Februar 2020

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Unheimlich explores our behavior as spectators towards the body images that are exhibited in art museums. The so-called female canon is examined based on four female performers with different physicalities. How many hours did the model sit motionless for the painter to achieve the final pictorial result? How does the nude become an object that can be consumed at will by those who observe it? What discourses are actually behind these presentations?
Irene Vicente and Cia. Pelipolaca deal with the ethics and intimacy in these depictions and ask how art transcends those areas that remain taboo in our daily lives.

Antic Teatre, Barcelona | 4. - 7. February 2021

Casa Elizalde, Barcelona | 28. November 2019

Teatre Principal (Festival TNT), Terrassa | 28. September 2019

Sala Atrium, Barcelona | 22. Mai - 29. June 2019

Centre Cívic Parc Sandaru, Barcelona | 26. April 2019

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