About Me

c a r m e n   s a l i n a s 

I am a freelance dramaturge and creative producer supporting performing artists in Germany and Spain.

My tasks range from giving dramaturgical and curatorial advice, doing research and textual work to contract issuing, coordination, financial management and accounting. Within this spectrum, we will jointly define my work for each project individually focusing on the artists’ specific needs and requirements.

As a dramaturge, I support projects during conceptualization and research phases and by accompanying rehearsals and dealing with the artistic development of the project. I'm an outside eye, asking questions, reading, writing and editing. 

As a production manager, I put the realization of artistic project centre stage: I undertake organizational and administrative tasks such as fundraising and administration, budgeting, billing. Furthermore, mediate between the artists, the venue and the sponsors.

My collaborations build on medium to long-term relationships that are intimately linked with my acute interest in the development of the artists and their research.